Advice for New Referees

U.S. Soccer is committed to producing referee education resources aimed at supporting the nearly 150,000 officials across the country regularly working amateur games at the youth and adult levels. These video resources will focus on both the interpretation and application of the Laws of the Game while also providing advice on practical refereeing.

For Parents

Each year, thousands of people become referees for the first time. Being a referee can be a very rewarding experience, but it’s important that new referees have the support of their families.

This video will focus on helpful tips for the parents of new referees.

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Ask a Referee

Have you ever had a question about the Laws of the Game?  Wondered if the call the referee made in last Sunday’s match was correct?  Now you have a place to turn!

If you have a question about the Laws of the Game, simply send it to, where experienced referees will answer your question.  While only select questions will be answered on, every other question submitted will be answered privately via email.

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