Would you like to become a mentor and help develop today’s new and upcoming referees?  There are hundreds of referees of all ages and experience levels who can benefit from the knowledge that you’ve accumulated over the course of your refereeing career.

Whether you’re looking to achieve personal growth or advance your career, you can make a difference by giving back to the game.  Becoming a mentor can make you a better referee and a better person.  Both current and retired referees are welcome to apply!

Some of the benefits you might experience could include:

  • Building leadership skills
  • Improving communication
  • Developing a resume of service
  • Gaining perspective on the game
  • Attaining personal fulfillment
  • Preparing for a future as an Instructor or Assessor

As a mentor, you can opt to give a little of your time or a lot.  Depending on what you want out of this opportunity you may choose to work with many referees or only a few.  The choice is up to you!

If you’d like to become a mentor, contact the State Mentor Coordinator to apply today!

Note: Mentors must meet set standards and receive approval from the State Director of Assessment to participate. Special training may also be required.