State Director of Assignment
Janet Irigoyen

The ORC Director of Assignment (DOA) is responsible for overseeing the state’s pool of registered assignors, ensuring that certified assignors are available for affiliated competitions, and that games are being assigned in accordance with existing US Soccer policies.  The Director of Assignment works in conjunction with the State Director of Instruction to ensure that assignor training courses are available when and where needed.

The ORC Director of Assignment does NOT have authority to reassign referees who have accepted previous assignments.

All referee assignments by affiliated leagues must be made by a USSF Registered Assignor (USSF Policy 531-8, Section 5).

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For information on how a referee can get assigned to games, see Get Assigned, or send us an message.



For advice on how to find a USSF Assignor for your league or tournament, just contact our office.


To find out about becoming an assignor and upcoming entry-level assignor courses, drop us a line.