What should I bring?

Pen and notebook –  for notes on the various topics of discussion with the instructor.

Sack lunch – it is recommended that participants should bring a sack lunch for our break.

Water – for field training session, especially if it’s hot.

Cleats – or other appropriate shoes for the field training session.

Referee flags – if you have them.

Sunscreen/hat – depending on the weather, you may consider bringing sunscreen or a hat.

What should I wear?

The course will include a field training session. Participants should dress appropriately for physical activity outdoors and bring and cleats (if possible) to change into for the field session.

What do I need to do before the course?

If you have not already done so, please start working through the online training requirements. The USSF Online Training can be accessed in the US Soccer Digital Learning Center. Once you log into your account on the learning center, hover over ‘Courses’ and select “My Courses”.  Find the course you registered for and select “Go to Classroom”.

Once in the classroom, all requirements can be accessed through the ‘Assignments’ tab near the top of the course page.

Please make sure to hit Save & Continue throughout the assignments to properly save your progress.

You do NOT need to print any certificates of completion for the USSF Online Training; all progress is tracked through the site.

Please make sure to finish the First Time Grassroots Online Module & First Time Grassroots Quiz BEFORE you attend your first day of classroom instruction.  PLEASE NOTE: All requirements must be completed before your referee license can be processed.