Did you miss a year?

Registration with USSF is an annual process.

Referees can have between a one and three year lapse in registration without having to retake an entry level course.

At present, the USSF registration year runs from on or around 7/1 through 6/30 (or shortly before).

For example, registration for 2020 started just after 7/1/19 and will close on 6/20/20.  Registration for 2020 opens on or around 7/25/20 and will close on or around 6/20/21.

If you cannot or choose not to re-certify each year, as long as the lapse is not more than four years, you will not need to retake the referee entry level course.

Here is the official policy on a lapse in registration:

Referees who have had a one-year to three-year break in registration can re-register by reviewing the USSF course materials online and then taking and passing the written test for his or her level.

There is no fee for the test, but they will have to pay the referee registration fee if they are successful.  If they fail the written test, they can take a second test for a $15 fee, plus they will have to pay the registration fee if they pass.

If they fail a second time, they must take the full Grassroots class, paying the class fee and the registration fee.


There is no fee for the test unless you fail it the first time and have to retake it.  The fee to take the test for a second time is $15 fee.  The minimum passing score for either the Grade 8 or Grade 9 exam is 80%.  If you are concerned about achieving the minimum scores, you may want to review some or all of the online modules at https://www.ussoccer.com/Referees/Resource-Center/Online-Training/Grade-8-Referee-Course.aspx before attempting it.