If you are a registered referee, assignor, assessor, or instructor, and you have a concern and don’t know where to turn for guidance or support, the Ombudsman is here to help you.

Do you feel that you are not being treated fairly by your assignor?

Are you having issues with your crew?

Not sure how to get the most out of your referee career?

The Ombudsman will provide a listening ear, and can be an advocate, providing you with a sense of direction as you attempt to resolve the issues you are facing. At your request, the Ombudsman can treat your communications as confidential and strive to maintain your anonymity with respect to any advocacy regarding any issues that you’ve raised.

Who is the Ombudsman?

The Ombudsman is elected in even-numbered years by registered referees classified with the status of Regional and National Referee, and thus is independent of the normal reporting structure.

The current ombudsman is Liam Hayes.

A note from Liam:


I have been a USSF Referee in Oregon since 1991. Grew up in Wolverhampton, England so fell in love with soccer at a very young age in England. I am currently a Regional Emeritus Referee. My goal is to help mentor younger referees and help them reach their goals with refereeing. This game has given me much joy over the years (and pain with 6 knee surgeries all Soccer related) and I continue to referee and learn from others both on and off the field. When I am not on the field I am a Sales Manager for a Filtration Distributor covering Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and Montana. Married for 27 years and have two grown daughters age 23 and 21.



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