Andy Deuker at the Dallas Cup U19 SuperGroup Opening Ceremony, March 2015

I was selected to work the Opening Ceremony U19 SuperGroup game between Everton FC and River Plate (Arg) in the Cotton Bowl. Our match immediately followed the opening ceremony/parade. There were over 8,000 fans in attendance along with representatives from PRO, US Soccer, and FIFA. It was an incredible honor and the FIFA assessor gave me major kudos. Being apart of the US Soccer academy here at Dallas Cup has been incredibly beneficial for my growth both on and off the pitch. My mentors have been Sandy Hunt, Herb Silva, Rick Eddy, and Brian Hall. We have a group of 12 officials that work together and debrief with our mentors as one. It’s an educational tool that’s helped all involved. Group play will conclude tomorrow and then we tackle the quarters and semis. The heat has been a major challenge – I can’t wait to return to the beautiful NW!