the Sponsor

Provide the training location(s)

The course date(s)

Market the course to prospective attendees

Recruit potential attendees


the ORC

Provide the instructor

Provide the training materials

Take care of the course signups and posting to our website

Process the USSF licensing












Grassroots Sponsor Form

Just submit the course sponsor for and we’ll get started on finding an instructor for your course ASAP.




It really is as simple as that.  However, if you have more questions, most of the answers can be found below.


1)     The sponsor group must provide the course location. For a Grassroots Course, we need 1 full day of classroom time (approx. 9 AM – 6 PM).  If you would like to split the courses up differently (e.g. present the Grassroots course over 2 evenings) we will try to accommodate your request, however, finding an available instructor can be difficult for a non-traditional format so try to keep it pretty simple! The space should be clean and comfortable, with tables and chairs for students, and preferably enough space to accommodate a group of 20-25.  The sponsor is responsible for any fees associated with classroom access!


2)     The sponsor group must secure 2 hours of field time on a lined soccer field (indoor or outdoor) preferably at a location which is within walking distance of the classroom space (this is to minimize the burden on parents who might otherwise have to come back to transport the kids to the field training portion). The sponsor is responsible for any fees associated with field access!


3)     The sponsor group must submit a completed Sponsor Form to the ORC office AT LEAST  1 month before the proposed course start date. More time is better but a month is usually workable. We need time to find an instructor and to spread the word about the course opportunity, and your prospective students will need time to register and to complete the online training prerequisite work.


4)     The sponsor should have a group of prospective students lined up before requesting the course, to ensure that we will meet the minimum registration requirement. In highly populated areas (Portland Metro, Eugene, Salem), we require a minimum of 12 students to hold a course, however, in outlying areas and areas that have an urgent need for additional certified officials we can hold courses for smaller groups. Contact the ORC office to learn more. Another reason we require at least a month’s notice is to allow us time to advertise the course to prospective students beyond your club in the surrounding area to fill any extra available spaces!


Once we receive the sponsor’s request form, we will schedule an instructor, post the course details on our website, track registration and student completion of prerequisite training requirements, and the ORC will provide the course materials and cover approved instructor travel expenses.

Information on all of our currently scheduled courses can be found under Training & Development.