If you are moving to Oregon, please complete each of the steps below:

Update your address in the U.S. Soccer Learning Center

    • Log in to the U.S. Soccer Learning Center (https://learning.ussoccer.com/ )
    • Hover over your name in the upper right hand corner
    • Click [Profile]
    • Click [Update Contact Details]
    • Adjust your previous address to your new address
    • Check that a Relationship with your new state has been added to your profile
      • If you do not have your new address yet but would like to begin refereeing in a new state, you can add a ‘relationship’ with that state. A comprehensive guide to this process can be found here.


Many of the assignors in Oregon use a website called Oregon Soccer Central for assigning referees to games. We recommend that you set up a profile on the OSC site so that assignors will be able to schedule you to games or you can get involved in self assignment.  It’s perhaps the best way for referees to get in touch with assignors.

If you’re interested in officiating games for a specific league that is not using Oregon Soccer Central, you can contact the club or league directly.


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