There are three types of assessments in the referee program:


Maintenance Assessments are required for all State and National referees (i.e. referees in grades 6, 5, 4 & 3).  A minimum of one assessment is required every calendar year and a passing grade as determined by the United States Soccer Federation is required.  This assessment must be done on a qualifying, full-length match. For all Oregon referees currently holding State badges, maintenance assessments will be coordinated by the State Director of Assessment.


An Upgrade Assessment is performed on those referees desiring to advance in grade.  This assessment must be done on a qualifying, full-length match, as determined by the assessor. The challenge to the referee must be sufficient to demonstrate the official’s ability to control matches at the next level of competition. All assessments must be completed within the calendar year of the original upgrade request.

Getting starting on the upgrade process.


Development Assessments are available upon request to any referee interested in receiving feedback on his/her officiating skills and abilities. Development Assessments can be performed on any match and must be paid for in advance using the online request form. Note that Development Assessments cannot be used to meet upgrade or grade maintenance assessment requirements.

Mentors also provide feedback for development purposes.

Learn more about opportunities to receive mentoring assistance or request a development assessment.


With SRA approval, a referee may get assessed for Maintenance or Upgrade purposes while working a game out of state. The State Director of Assessment and the ORC Coordinator should also be notified when an assessment has been performed out of state. It is the responsibility of the referee to notify the SDA and the ORC office.

Referees who receive assessments while working out of state should discuss any fee arrangements with the assessor prior to the match.

Assessments performed at nationally approved tournaments are generally provided at no expense to the referee and are paid by the National Director of Assessment, through Chicago.



Referees who fail the annual maintenance assessment will be notified by the assessor of the match that they did not pass. To request a re-assessment, the referee must contact the ORC office and submit an appropriate assessment fee. If the referee chooses not to repeat the assessment, or if the official fails a second time, the referee will be downgraded one level and may not reapply for the previous grade for at least one year.


Referees failing an Upgrade Assessment will be notified by the assessor of the match that they did not pass. The referee may reapply for Upgrade one year after the date of the failed assessment.

The rules concerning assessments for referees seeking upgrade to National status are determined by the United States Soccer Federation.


The decision of the assessor as to whether a referee passed or failed his/her assessment is final. There is no appeal procedure.


The State Director of Assessment will maintain a record of all assessments completed and will forward assessment results to the ORC Coordinator and State Referee Administrator monthly.