What equipment do I need to start?

US Soccer has established very specific standards of dress and appearance for their referees. In order to comply with those standards, and to perform the necessary functions of the job, the Oregon Referee Committee suggests that you will need the following bare minimum equipment:

  • Gold (yellow) pinstripe referee shirt with short sleeves
  • Solid black referee shorts
  • Black referee socks with three white stripes at the top
  • Whistle that makes a strong, clear sound
  • Wrist watch with a countdown timer feature
  • Small notebook
  • Pen or pencil
  • Red and yellow cards
  • Coin
  • Two assistant referee flags

Over time, considering adding additional shirts:

  • Green short sleeve (which gives you an alternate color)
  • Gold long sleeve (which gives you something to wear on cold days)
  • Red or black short sleeve (in case one team is in yellow and the other in green)
  • Green long sleeve
  • Black or red long sleeve
  • Blue short sleeve
  • Blue long sleeve

Where can I buy referee gear?

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I heard that new uniforms are coming out.  Do I need to replace my uniform now?

It is true that US Soccer has unveiled new uniforms which are available for purchase now through Official Sports. However, we at the Oregon Referee Committee recognize that purchasing new uniforms is rather costly and we accept that the transition to the new look will be gradual. Per US Soccer, the older uniforms are approved for use through December 2018. So, for now, you may choose to wear the old style or the new style for your assigned games, so long as you show up properly equipped and looking professional.

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I noticed that the referee crews on professional games often wear different jerseys than those approved for U.S. Soccer referees like me. Does this affect me in any way?

No. For professional games in the United States, the leagues may have sponsor commitments that require a different manufacturer to produce the uniforms, but the uniform itself must still comply with the basic standards set by U.S. Soccer. These new styles or designs should have no bearing on the standard uniform otherwise worn by U.S. Soccer referees. For international games, referees from other countries wear FIFA referee uniforms or uniforms approved by their home federation. If U.S. Soccer referees work an international game, they will wear the approved OSI uniform.