Get Assigned

For Referees – Getting Assigned

Many of the assignors in Oregon use a website called RefTown for assigning referees to games. We recommend that you register on RefTown so assignors will be able to schedule you to games or you can get involved in self assignment.  It’s perhaps the best way for referees to get in touch with assignors.

Some organizations in Oregon use StackOfficials for assigning.  You are welcome to check that website out too!

Please Note: If you are going to work for more than one organization/tournament, you will need to REGISTER for each one on Ref Town.

For Leagues, Tournament Directors and Clubs

All referee assignments by affiliated leagues must be made by a USSF Registered Assignor.  (USSF Policy 531-8, Section 5.)  For advice on finding a USSF Assignor, contact the ORC Director of Assignment.

The Director of Assignment is responsible for the coordination of referee assignments by Oregon referee assignors. The Director of Assignment does not assign games and does not have authority to reassign referees who have accepted previous assignments.

USSF Policy 531-8, Section 5

No one shall assign any match under the sanction or jurisdiction of the Federation who is not registered as with the Federation for the current year. A State Association, league tournament, or event may appoint an unregistered assignor in an emergency who may not serve past the end of the current fiscal year without becoming registered.

Become a Certified USSF Assignor

To become an assignor you will need approval from the ORC Director of Assignment. Please reach out and indicate the reason for your interest, such as which league or club for whom you’ll be assigning.

Please note: to become a certified assignor, you will need to have held at least one USSF Referee Pathway license. For more information, please reach out to the ORC office.