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Most questions can be answered on this site. If you have questions, click here. Please note that our office staff are only available part-time and cannot always respond to inquiries immediately. We will get back to you as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience.

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2016 Recertification ends June 26.

Please note it can take up to 8 weeks for badges and ID cards to arrive from US Soccer. Early registration is recommended.
If you have already registered for the year, expedited badges can be requested here.

If you have not yet registered, or you have not yet taken a course, please do not request an expedited badge.

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The following requirements are for returning referees ONLY. To become a referee, sign up for a Grade 8 or Grade 9 training (see “announcements” section to the right) and follow the instructions.

Requirement Your referee Grade is...
this is assigned by USSF; it is not your grade in school.
8 or 9 7 5 or 6
Annual Concussion Training and Certification

Completed Registration Form

Payment (check or money order; see form)

Completed Recert Form, detailing:  

Fitness test scores
test schedule

Written test scores
email for access

5 hours of continuing education

Maintenance assessment scores

Mail all required items to the ORC.
  • Any referee who has had a one-year to four-year break in registration must also review the USSF course materials online, and then take and pass the written test. An online test is available. Contact ORC for information.
  • Any referee whose registration has lapsed more than four years will also be required to retake the entry-level course.
  • Contact ORC if you have questions about recertification testing or re-registration.
  • Instructors who are not also active referees must retake a test annually. Contact ORC for access to the online test.

Contact the Oregon Referee Committee:

4840 SW Western Avenue #300
Beaverton, OR 97005
503) 956-2691

Office hours by appointment only.

About Us:

The Oregon Referee Committee was established by the Oregon Youth Soccer Association and the Oregon Adult Soccer Association to recruit, train and develop referees, assessors, instructors and assignors in order to serve the US Soccer affiliated leagues and competitions in our state.

In 2004, the Committee became a corporation whose formal name is "Oregon Referee Committee, Inc."

The Committee is run by a three member Board of Directors; however, the ORC’s mission is accomplished by a number of volunteers and part-time staff. With the exception of the Ombudsman and the SYRA, all volunteers and staff members are appointed and directed by the ORC’s Board of Directors.

This is the only official website of the Oregon Referee Committee.



Grade 8 Referee Course in Clackamas June 12, 2016

Grade 8 Referee Course in Portland June 28&29, 2016

Grade 8 Referee Course in Beaverton June 4, 2016

Grade 8 Referee Course in Beaverton June 21&22, 2016

Grade 8 Referee Course in Newport May 28&29, 2016

Grade 8 Ref Course in Beaverton June 18, 2016 FULL!

State Referee Clinic in Portland June 4&5, 2016

2016 Gold Program Sessions in Hillsboro

2016 USSF Registration Form

2016 Formulario de Inscripción e Instrucciones


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