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Most questions can be answered on this site. If you have questions, click here. Please note that our office staff are only available part-time and cannot always respond to inquiries immediately. We will get back to you as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience.

Registration for 2016 is now open. 

Please note it can take up to 8 weeks for badges and ID cards to arrive from US Soccer. Early registration is recommended.



Para información en español, haga clic aquí.

2016 RECERTIFICATION (for ALL returning referees):

  1. Annual Concussion Training Certificate of Completion
    • Click here to access the concussion training instructions
    • Print the certificate of completion and send to ORC
    • Retain a copy; you may also be asked it to your assignors

  2. Completed Registration Form and Payment
  3. GRADE 6 & 7 ONLY:
    • Grades 6 & 7 must also:
      • Submit passing Fitness Test results (click here for schedule, or email for info)
      • Take and pass Written Test for specific grade (email ORC for online testing)
      • Complete at least 5 hours of continuing education
        • When continuing education courses are available, they will be posted here.

For the 2016 Registration Form, click here.

Instructors who are not also active referees must complete testing annually. Please contact the State Director of Instruction.

YOU WILL NOT BE REGISTERED BY ORC UNLESS YOU SUBMIT YOUR CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION TO THE ORC. Assignors cannot assign you to any games until your registration is current.


  • Grade 8 or 9 referees who were registered in 2015 can re-register by submitting the re-registration form, concussion certificate, and appropriate fee.
  • Any Grade 8 or 9 referees who have had a one-year to four-year break in registration must also review the USSF course materials online, and then take and pass the written test for Grade 8 or 9, respectively. (Online test available.)
  • Grade 8 and 9 referees whose registration has lapsed more than four years will also be required to retake the Grade 8 course and pass the written exam.
  • Contact ORC if you have questions about recertification testing or re-registration.
  • Instructors who are not also active referees must retake a test annually.

Contact the Oregon Referee Committee:

Our mailing address:

(503) 956-2691
coordinator (at) oregonreferee.com
4840 SW Western Avenue # 300
Beaverton, OR 97005

Please note this is a mailing address only; office hours by appointment only.

About Us:

The Oregon Referee Committee was established by the Oregon Youth Soccer Association and the Oregon Adult Soccer Association to recruit, retain, train and develop referees, assessors, instructors and assignors in the State of Oregon to serve soccer games which are sanctioned by OYSA, OASA, the United States Soccer Federation and all other affiliates of the USSF. This is the only official website of the Oregon Referee Committee. In 2004, the Committee became a corporation whose formal name is "Oregon Referee Committee, Inc."

The Committee is run by a three member Board of Directors. The Committee mission is accomplished by a number of volunteers and its Coordinator, all of whom are appointed by the Board of Directors (except the Ombudsman, who is elected by all USSF Grade 5, 6 and 7 referees).



Grade 8 Referee Course in Grants Pass March 5, 2016

Grade 9 Rec Referee Course in Clackamas Feb 13, 2016

Grade 8 Referee Course in Klamath Falls Feb. 13&14, 2016

Grade 8 Referee Course in Portland February 27&28, 2016

ADULT Grade 8 Referee Course in Beaverton Feb. 23&26, 2016

Grade 8 Referee Course in Springfield February 7, 2016

Grade 8 Referee Course in Beaverton February 20&21, 2016

Grade 8 Referee Course in Milwaukie February 20&21, 2016

2016 Gold Program Sessions in Hillsboro

2016 USSF Registration Form

2016 Formulario de Inscripción e Instrucciones


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